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Dancing at sunset by CHOCOCHIYOKO

The very first impression I get from this piece is, as others have mentioned, movement. It's both powerful and graceful at the same time, and my eyes enjoyed roaming around the sweeping curves and swirls created by almost every element in the illustration.

Second, I am struck by the attention to details (especially for a traditional media piece!), from the dress and beads to decorative flowers and patterned drapery. The hair is lovely, and I appreciate the transparency of her veils. It's a soft touch and adds depth and interest, and not everyone thinks of it.

The colour scheme is very cool (as opposed to warm), which I think would be more suited to the original concept of dancing at midnight rather than sunset. The only really warm tones I see here are in the strip of land behind them (beach perhaps), the wooden beam across the top, and a tinge of a warmer blue near the horizon line. For me, this is counter-purpose to the lovely swirling motion you have throughout the rest of the piece. The warm colours create contrast with the cool and draw the eye in a very horizontal way along those strips (land/horizon line/wooden beam), which can take the viewer off the page and make the background jump forward a bit. If they were washed over with a cooler tone to make them fade a bit, I think that would help to prevent them from distracting the gaze or tweaking foreground/background perspective.

Related to that is the busyness that another critic pointed out--something I struggle with myself. Since everything so cool and largely from the same palette, the foreground and background are competing for attention. There are a lot of solutions to that, but one popular one is to use atmospheric perspective to recede objects into the distance with even cooler, less saturated tones, while the foreground pops with vibrant, slightly warmer hues.

I love that your lines are varied and more painterly than the usual for the genre, which--to me--gives it a charming, folk-tale feel, like it could be an illustration of an ancient fairy tale.

Lastly, as much as I appreciate the richness and technique, I'm a little removed from the emotional impact by their fairly basic expressions and poses. While still lovely, the heart of the piece could be kicked up a notch by powerful, dramatic figures and expressions; it would also suit the mood, which is itself romantically dramatic.

Overall a very appealing work!
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CHOCOCHIYOKO Featured By Owner Dec 7, 2012  Student General Artist
thanks so much for the input--and yeah I am working on better color coordination/atmospheric perspective....The whole affection thing might not be spot on since I'm uhh inexperienced in that area XD haha meep <3
Jacinthe Featured By Owner Dec 7, 2012  Professional Digital Artist
No worries! I can tell you're working in that direction, and it's something I struggle with too, so I sympathize. I getcha about the romance, but that's what makes it so fun, right? =D Keep up the lovely work! :heart:
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